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Couples Counselling

Do you and your partner feel stuck in a rut?

Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy

Maybe you find yourselves arguing over the stupidest things, with rows escalating more and more in recent months. Perhaps you keep discussing the same issues without seeing any worthwhile change, leading to disappointment and resentment on both sides. 

My aim is to give you both time and space to nourish what you once cherished.

Simply put: I want to get you both back on track!

Couples experience a huge sense of relief once counselling has begun. In fact, 70% of couples report being more satisfied with their relationship post-counselling (Lebow, 2012). Early intervention can lead to successful outcomes so booking an appointment today puts you and your relationship at a distinct advantage. I will ensure you both feel equally heard and respected as you go through the counselling process with me. 

My core training was in working specifically with couples. What that means for you is that you can feel confident that the service I provide is geared towards making your relationship work, using theories and skills formulated specifically for working with couples.

If you and your partner are currently in crisis, I urge you to contact me for an appointment today. I have successfully worked through a number of issues with couples including money, infidelity, infertility, sexual problems, communication breakdown, household duties and childcare distribution issues, and more.

Common issues addressed in couples counselling are:

  • Past relationships
  • Conflict
  • Communication issues
  • Infidelity
  • Loss or differences in sexual desire
  • The impact of children on the relationship
  • Problems with commitment
  • Leading parallel lives
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Coming to a decision around starting a family
  • Fertility issues
  • The impact of life events or changes


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