Online therapy in the age of the Coronavirus

Posted: Saturday, March 14, 2020

In this time of uncertainty, being able to provide support by online counselling and psychotherapy is a wonderful thing. People are anxious and may not feel safe leaving their homes. Over the last week, almost all of my clients have spoken about how the coronavirus (or COVID-19) is impacting on their lives. Some people have been left financially devastasted as businesses have needed to make tough decisions by letting people go or closing up shop completely. Others are concerned for elderly parents or sick children. Social media, while a great source of distraction and at times a good way to connect to others, can also increase our anxieties. We hear differing advice, horror stories from Italy and further afield and we can feel unsure of what this means for ourselves. However we can also rest assured that there are a number of measures we can take ourselves to keep ourselves safe, such as washing our hands. Listening to the HSE advice gives us what we need to know. Every crisis brings its own unintended consequences and this is no less so with the coronavirus. A reminder of the connectedness of us all and of how we need to think of, not just ourselves, but others too has come into sharp focus. But hey! We're great at doing this in Ireland! And all with a unique sense of humour! So the part I can play is to support you either in-person - if it's safe to meet that way -  or online. Online therapy may take a little bit of time to get used to but I've been amazed at how quickly it begins to feel like being in the same room together. On a practical note, once you make an appointment with me to meet online, I will email you the simple steps to connect with me at your appointed time. Lets all support each other in this and learn to reconnect again as one.

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